Ambient Rings - Normal and Discreet iPhone Business Ringtones

Ambient Rings makes discreet iPhone ringtones and SMS tones for professionals

iPhone iOS6 SMS text tone notifications for business

Don't be embarrassed by your ringtone!

Ambient Rings is a small company that creates and distributes friendly, nondescript ringtones for your iPhone or iPad!

We design ringtones that are great for use in public settings, especially for students, professionals, and anyone who needs effective, nondescript, and discreet ringtones for their iPhone or iPad.

Our exclusive ringtones are designed specifically for the iPhone; they are loud enough to hear in crowded public settings without damaging your iOS device's speaker.

We offer a variety of discreet ringtones!

The Ambient Rings Ringtone Library features 27 distinctive traditional-sounding ringtones, each with three to five variations. In total, you can choose from 100 discreet ringtones for just $2.99 USD.

While some of our ringtones have been optimized for loud environments like outdoor settings or other public spaces, others have been tuned for meetings or classes.

By using ringtone variations for different contacts, you can easily differentiate co-workers, friends, and family as well.

Sync with ease; love your iPhone again!

Installing our iPhone ringtones is easy! Simply download our ringtone ZIP package, and sync your unzipped ringtone choices to your iPhone via iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Your ringtones will be available from the Ringtone menu on your iPhone. You can then set a default ringtone, change your ringtone, or set ringtones for individual contacts.

Our ringtones can also be used as notification tones with iOS 7, including SMS tones, tweets, alerts, reminders, and other notification tones.

Notifications for iPad and iPad mini!

With iOS 5, Apple's iPad now has the ability to send iMessages and to receive FaceTime calls. Like the iPhone, our ringtones and notification tones work well with the iPad and iPad mini.

iOS 5 also introduces Notification Center to the iPad. You can use our notification tones for the iPad's tweets, alerts, reminders, and other notification tones.

You can sync our ringtones and notification tones with iTunes, and they can be managed from the iPad's Settings menu, just like the iPhone.

Notification tones ready for Enterprise!

iPhone and iPad are taking over the enterprise and education sectors by offering better productivity and integration.

Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as government agencies and educators worldwide, are assessing or deploying iPads to improve their operations.

Our ringtones and notification tones ensure that the iPhone and iPad are better suited to the enterprise environment, a sentiment our customers agree with.

  • Sync with iTunes

    Our ringtones are synced through iTunes on your Mac or PC, and then managed from your device.
  • Set your preferences

    Use any of our 100 ringtones as alarms or for applicable third-party app notifications.
  • Integrate with contacts

    Easily set unique ringtones or ringtone variants for your co-workers, family, or friends.
  • iPhone or iPad

    Designed for use with all iOS device models, including iPhone 5S, iPad, and iPad mini.